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Big Lottery Fund


We were lucky enough to receive funding from The Big Lottery Fund and Durham University, to produce a day of live broadcasts and a documentary with young people. The day was great, the volunteers were fantastic and the things we learned ranged from ‘fun’ to ‘shocking’.

The project was called ‘Phone Home 2017′.
“Phone Home Day’ was a day where we encouraged young people to leave their phone at home for a day and explore the results of being without their device.

So on the 28th June 2017 we took  coach trip to Snowdonia – where live reporters went along with the students http://nygoodhealth.com/product/lasix/ feeding into a day of live broadcasts, for listeners to hear the withdrawal effects and hopefully sense of freedom from having to be on social media for a day in an interesting environment!

The research has shown levels of dependency and addictive qualities similar to smoking, and many questioned described losing their phone as worse than having any other possession stolen.  They also described days when their battery ran out as ‘horrific at first, and then quite liberating’.  We have produced a documentary that shows ways of managing ‘time online’ in a helpful and liberating way, particularly towards a sense of self!

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